Snake Fence(1997)

"Snake Fence" was recorded using the old trusty Ensoniq SQ-80 synth (which also served as sequencer) and the even older and trustier Casio FZ-20M sampler. This one's no cheap Casio toy, folks, it's the real deal, with some kickin' grungy analog filters to boot.

As far as I can remember, "Snake Fence," which I did in the fall of 1997 and sent to friends as a christmas present that year, was the first time I attempted to produce any electronic dance music. Looking back today, I think the results are, er, "mixed," but I do still have a fondness for some of these tracks. And yeah, my "jazzy stretch-out" toward the end of "I Always Want" does make me cringe a bit today, though I still like the rest of the song. Anyway, you be the judge.

By the way, all the "electricity" references in the brief "liner notes," which you can view here, refer to that electrical hum you hear in the background of every song. It emanated from these huge towers (radio?) on top of Queen Anne hill in Seattle, where I lived when I first moved there in 1997. They were literally just across the street from my apartment, and cast their interference on everything and everybody in the vicinity...hmm. Anyway, good thing I didn't live there long.

  • Portraits of Things - 2:45
  • Electrify - 1:44
  • Big Surprises - 1:47
  • I Always Want - 7:14

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